My name is Faith Wanza and I am 14 years-old. I started Faith By Designs  when I was 11  as a class project. Since my parents both had their own company, it is in my blood. AfterHigh School, I want to attend the University of my choice  so I though it is never to early to get started earning money. This is why I decided to start my own company. I have always loved clothes and discovered that Rhinestone and Vinyl allows for a lot of creactivity.  I can help place your personal idea or logo on a shirt, hat, scraf, or shoes that represent your personal story and placing the idea to be worn for the world to see. Faith By Design is all about expressing yourself, advertising your business, and making statements without saying a word that people can enjoy and relate to.
The best part about being an entrepreneur, especially for a direct selling company, is that I quickly realized we had an opportunity to change people’s lives by allowing them to do the same thing I did and promote their own businesses. I get to encourage women, men and kids as young as 12 to follow their dreams of owning their own businesses (with their parents’ permission).
  1. Ray
    With many years of knowledge in Business, I want to ensure that your experience is pleasant. Our family knows how to work as a team to get the job done to meet your requirements so that you will be an repeat customer.
  2. Beverly
    As a Project Manager, I will help you create the design in your mind onto the material so that it can sent to production. Nothing is to hard for us so let our family work for you and your group..
We would like for you to be introduce to our team, their roles, and why they are so important to our family business. 
  • Produce a Quality Product.
  • Treat every customer the same no matter how small or large.
  • Deliver Product on Time
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction